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We are the best software development company around. We are experts in the development of  web, mobile, and blockchain solutions.

Our Services

  • Web Application Development

    Tinqlab creates state-of-the-art web apps by employing cutting-edge web design tools and methods.

  • Mobile Application Development

    With cutting-edge development tools, we create mobile apps that keep customers interested in your services.

  • Blockchain/Web3 Application Development

    Tinqlab offers a wide range of blockchain solutions, including but not limited to Smart Contract development, CeFI app development, DeFi app development, and Blockchain gaming software product development. As a result of the popularity of Bitcoin and alts cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based products are experiencing a surge in interest.

  • Software Product Management

    With our skilled staff of product managers and developers, we can easily bring your ideas to the next level.


About Tinqlab

Tinqlab is a team of young, dedicated, and imaginative experts working together to create cutting-edge software and hardware with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We offer a full spectrum of digital marketing services, including web and mobile app design and development, as well as  Blockchain solutions (from product design and development to marketing and public relations).


We build and manage software products efficiently.

These are few selected works we wish to showcase.

  • Coinnewsafrica.com logo


    Coinnewsafrica.com Covers fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin news. We offer the latest news and up to date crypto market analysis all around the world.

    Check it out >

  • TinqFi logo


    TinqFi is a cryptocurrency asset management platform that allows its users to convert and trade cryptocurrencies, as well as save and invest in a secure and profitable manner.

    Check it out >

  • Tinqswap

    This is a peer-to-peer bitcoin and alts cryptocurrency trading platform with 99.9% privacy & security on all trades/transaction. This product will be unveiled by December 2023.

    Coming Soon >

  • Tinq Commerce

    This is an ecommerce platform developed and maintained by Tinqlab developers

    Coming Soon >


Meet Tinqlab Team

Jerry ifeanyi Tinqlab TinqFi CoinnewsafricaJerry Ifeanyi


Elijah Tinqlab TinqFi CoinnewsafricaElijah Ebuka



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of building web or mobile applications?

    Software products are costed using the clients needs, requirements.Contact us using the form below, we love to hear from you first before we can provide the cost it will take to build these products. You never can tell as it might be cheaper than you expected.

  • How long will it take to develop my application?

    Timeline for every project differs. This is determined by the functionality and roburstness of the application. We are more efficient than you imagined, your products will be production ready sooner than expected.

  • How is payment made if we reach an agreement?

    Tinqlab team will provide you with a Job Arrangement Letter(JAL). This letter will contain all necessary details and legal aggrement of the contract


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Tinqlab team are specialist in Product design, development and management. We are creative, efficient and innovative to make your product top-class in your industry.

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